We are a do-it-yourself retail store with 30 years experience in pest control. We provide ample education; a non-toxic, family- and pet-friendly bed bug spray; as well as bug traps and mattress encasements. By performing our detailed spray protocol with our spray, SNIPER Bed Bug Solution, you can be just as effective as the pros for about 1/10th of the cost. Seven successful years in business, thousands of customers, and a positive review scores have proven that we are an effective and affordable alternative to expensive pest control services. Come see us!

Our Solution

Teach and train the public how to effectively control bed bugs and all other common household bugs with our lab tested non-toxic spray solution.

Our Product

People are looking for a safe and effective product that is easy on the pocketbook. We offer that solution. SNIPER Bed Bug Solution is an all-natural product which has been carefully designed to produce a lethal blow to bed bugs. University tests have proven essential oil-based products like ours can be highly effective with the proper spray techniques. Every purchase comes with in-store instruction on the proper spraying method along with written instructions to take home. You don’t get that individualized training with mainstream online or retail-store products. Your success is our success.

Your Home

Your home is a huge investment, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to protect it from bed bugs. The public can now effectively treat their home with our patented, university-tested natural bed bug spray. Sniper Bed Bug Solution is getting attention. We all know referrals are a sign of a company’s reliability, customer service, and effectiveness of their product. We now get referrals from several of the biggest pest control companies in Tulsa when customers don’t utilize their services. Why? They have all heard from others…our system works! Your trip to our store will not be wasted. There is no sales pressure. We are courteous and friendly. We are equipped to teach you how to effectively treat your own home, and we educate you for free.

Promise To Our Customers

We are not just selling you a product. We promise to be here for you before, during, and after your purchase.

About Us

With over 30+ years of experience, we are well prepared to assist you with your bed bug problem. Click below to contact us or watch our video to learn more!

All Natural

You can’t put a price on your health. An All-Natural Non-Toxic product just makes good health sense. SNIPER is so much more family and pet friendly than chemicals; especially for individuals with compromised health, elderly, babies and pregnant mamas.


William McWilliams

This stuff really worked, whereas the chemical sprays and foggers did very little even after three intense tries.

Phillip Miles

“After trying half a dozen things from Walmart, this was the first and only thing that got rid of ALL of the bed bugs”

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